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27 September 2006



Thanks to Laura for the review - how true... (though I am still addicted!)
And JB... you're very wise!... Completely agree about the commercialism which perhaps drives the storylines too much... I wasn't really saying I wanted all the answers though - rather, I fear that it is getting TOO complex, that the number of questions is expanding exponentially... And though we don't need everything neat & tidy, we do need some order in the chaos otherwise we end up where Hurley was (remember?!)...

Vincent the Labrador

glad to see some of my theories play out during the finale. Makes me feel better and ensures my wife doesn't think I'm completely potty. Lets face it, Lost is a commercial TV prog and they will spin it out till no one watches anymore. However, I'm happy to see more. I want to know about 'the others' I want to know how Desmonds girlfriends dad is involved in all this. I want to know what has happened to the dog and whether eko, locke and Des are alive or not. Geoff you can't have all your answers tied up neatly, that would be ....well...too neat! I agree with you that it's about people who have lost something in their lives so perhaps Lost is about finding peace/contentment/self/confidence/happiness ? They find themselves whilst they are lost. that sound a bit pop culture spiritual to me but it is a pop culture commercial TV show. Perhaps it's a bit like some of your recent posts about wanting answers from God. There are no neat and tidy solutions and 'Lost' won't be solved neatly and tidily just like God doesn't always present us with neat and tidy solutions. OK that's my ramblings over for a bit.


In the light of this, I highly recommend you read Sam Wollaston's review in the Guardian today - http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv_and_radio/story/0,,1881706,00.html

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