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17 September 2006



Thanks! I took a look at that and there's plenty there I can identify with but I have to confess there are a couple of things that worry me...

It mentions a continual scepticism of grand narrative, yet Christianity is a grand narrative.

And it speaks of the assertion that meaning is created by the individual and cannot be made objective by an author. But the meaning of the Bible is not for me to create.

Since the Wiki defition seems incompatible with Christianity, presumably different people use the word "postmodern" to mean different things - looking at the definition, I suppose you would expect this :-)


Thanks for the encouragement guys...
In answer To Chris's question about postmodernism, I can't do better than


Thanx for this Geoff... in a week where attempted unity has caused me some tears it's good to hear!!


Excuse my ignorance, but I've heard a lot of people use the term "postmodern". What exactly does it mean for someone to be postmodern?

BTW - this is a genuine question - not like my "What is an iPod?" post.

Diane Etherton

Wow Geoff, maybe the inherited church folk should also take note. Keep up the excellent musingss.

In Pod we trust

this 'rest' period of yours is bringing out some good, thought provoking stuff. In other 'important' matters what, may I ask, is your view on Michael returning to the Lost mob?

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