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31 August 2006


Diane Etherton

I have come to the realisation that life is just a series of beginnings and ends it's just the bits in between that are different and make life so varied. Our daughter has just left home to start her first job, but since God gave her to us we have been through many beginnings and endings some bigger than others, this is just another chapter.


Hi Mark - yes I remember you... I like the plan, but be very wary of mothers plotting... And the caravan would have to be comfortable - warm, big, comfy sofa/bed, tv, ps2, built in coffee machine...!! ;) More like a mobile home really!!
Have read your blog too - looks cool :)
Keep in touch

Mark Porter

Hey Geoff,

Don't know if you remember me, I used to be at St Catherine's. Came across your blog 'cos your mum mentioned it...apparently her and my mother have been plotting (not entirely seriously) about sending the two of us out on some kind of itinerant ministry in a caravan.

Anyway, thought I'd let you know I'd come across to read your ponderings.


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