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17 July 2006



Yep I think it was Betjeman... It was Einstein who said that the solution to a problem will mean doing something very different to what caused the problem in the first place (or something like that)...
I completely agree that the church has always needed pioneers, and institutions do lag behind - I really hope emerging church doesn't become institutionalised... I do think though that the cultural situation we're in is a radically new one... Ryan Bolger highlighted this on the Blah tour... that the 1990's saw for the first time in around 1500 years (a) the number of Christians in the 'non-western world' outnumbering those in the 'west'... and (b) the number of missionaries sent from the 'non-western world' outnumbers those sent from the 'west'... a seismic cultural shift... and it's into this situation that pioneer/emerging church can add something to the conversation...

Chris Etherton

Maybe the church always has needed, always will need, pioneers: maybe they all find the institution lags somewhat behind. "Like a mighty tortoise moves the Church of God: brothers we are treading where we've always trod" - was that Betjeman?

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