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On a journey trying to live as a Jesus-follower in a post-Christian culture


Geoff Etherton who?
I was born and brought up in Birmingham (what a cool city)... parents now live in the Isle of Wight
Got married to Liz in 1999 - she's fab... & works as Director of our local Youth for Christ
I've got 1 sister and 1 brother - both younger, sister works as a paediatric nurse, brother is a student
Studied music (in Birmingham), then was a youth worker for 3 years, then studied theology (in Bristol) - note the order...
I'm now 'in exile'...! Having recently come to the end of my time as a Pioneer Minister in the Church of England... though I've never really fitted in to the C of E!... and committed to emerging church... in which there too few jobs at present (hence the exile!)...
Currently in Stoke on Trent (it's between Birmingham and Manchester and you've probably driven past it on the m6!)

The postbox
Cheesy I know... but
1) like thinking and living 'outside of the box'... except I think we often just create new boxes... what about living 'post' boxes?...
2) like the whole concept of redefining something (like a postbox) in a new way - so I'd really like this blog to be open to your comments & feedback (see what I did there?...) - we're all on this journey together...


I love... God, my wife (Liz), music (fairly eclectic taste) - listening, playing & writing, cats (we have 2 - called Kali & Merlot), Manchester Utd (OK - but I have supported them for over 20 years), gadgets (especially ones that take the hard work out of things), wine (it's so worth going to France to buy), whisky (single malts only please!), food (preferably lots of), dark chocolate, surfing, good films, innovative people, Greece, my ps2 (gutted that ps3 is delayed!), American football, my fab mp3 player... could go on